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Facebook login

If you want to use more convenient login and faster login procedure you can use our Facebook login app. Please refer to one of the possible scenarios below for a quick guide how to properly connect your Facebook account with Tuningfiles.
It is a very easy and straightforward procedure consisting of a few clicks and it have to be done only once.

1. You already have Tuningfiles Account

If you already own a tuningfiles account you can connect it with your Facebook profile and use your Facebook account login in the future.
Go to your Account settings (image 1.), if you are not signed in, Login to Tuningfiles (image 2.) and in the left menu choose FACEBOOK CONNECT option (image 3.) or click HERE. Click on the "Connect" Facebook button in the top right corner (image 4.).
If you go straight to Facebook login and your Facebook registered e-mail address is different from the tuningfiles e-mail address this will create a new duplicate account! Use Facebook connect option instead!

Image 1.
Image 2.
Image 3.
Image 4.

2. You don't have Tuningfiles Account

If you don't own a Tuningfiles account you can either go directly to login and click on the "Facebook login" button to connect with your Facebook profile (image 6.) or go to Create account and click on "Facebook register" button (image 5.) to register with your Facebook data and use Facebook login in the future.
If you are already registered on Tuningfiles, use FACEBOOK CONNECT option in your account settings!

Image 5.
Image 6.